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Mosaic Collection

Delicate pendants inspired by mosque mosaic tiles. Finely set with vivid gemstones. 

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The delicate Mosaic Topaz pendant presents gorgeous Swiss Blue Topaz surrounded by eight flush set Tsavorite Garnets. Tsavorite is a rare gemstone, selected for its vivid green and sparkle due to its high refractive index. Or, available as a fiery Rhodolite Garnet pendant, surrounded with orange Hessonite Garnets, also selected for its exceptional sparkle.

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Alhambra Collection

Inspired by patterns found in Moorish tiles, and their influences on the Arts and Crafts movement. Finely set with colourful marquise gemstones. Click on any item for more details

Garnet & Tourmaline
Swiss Blue Topaz Marquise Ring
Garnet & Tourmaline
Chrome Diopside Pendant
Alhambra Topaz Pendant
Alhambra Rhodolite Garnet Pendant

The amazing Alhambra Blue Topaz ring shows off the varied shades of Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz. The striking Alhambra Pink Tourmaline ring tones the intensity of Rhodolite Garnets with the lighter clarity of pink tourmaline. Both these sterling silver rings set the marquise gemstones flush into the face of the ring, in a unique way to stop them catching.

The luxurious Alhambra Topaz Pendant showcases a gorgeous Swiss Blue Topaz surrounded by eight marquise cut peridots. Also available as a fiery Rhodolite Garnet pendant, surrounded with Mandarin garnets, or as vivid green Chrome Diopside (otherwise known as Siberian Emerald) set off by Rhodolite Garnets. The pendant is sterling silver, and comes plated with 24ct gold, with extra thickness for durability, known as vermeil.

I am also very happy to make to order. Whichever gemstones you love, if you love colour you must own one of these! I have made Tanzanite Pendants, Pink Sapphire Pendants, Blue Sapphire Pendants, Topaz Pendants, Citrine Pendants, Aquamarine Pendants, Garnet Pendants, Peridot Pendants, Amethyst Pendants. It can be made in just sterling silver, or any carat gold. A variety of chain styles can also be provided on request.


Perhaps you or a family member have a birthday coming up? Whichever month you were born in, I can make any birthstone jewellery to order, combining them with those of your loved ones. Please do just ask.


John Franklin is a British jewellery designer maker specialising in handmade silver jewellery set with colourful gemstones. If you would like to customise or personalise the pieces in any way, I would be glad to help, whether by using different gemstones, metals, pendant chains, personalised engraving, or even commissions! Please do contact me below.

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