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Alhambra Pendant, Chrome Diopside and Rhodolite Garnet

Alhambra Pendant, Chrome Diopside and Rhodolite Garnet


Sterling silver pendant plated with 24k gold inspired by patterns found in Moorish tiling. I have been fascinated by the way these motifs have been taken up and evolved by other decorative arts movement, with a flow traceable through Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, to Art Deco. 

I loved finding a uniquely extravagant setting to embed some fascinating gemstones within the design. There are eight marquise gems set flush into the points of the design, using a combination of channel and claw-set, while the central gem is offered upwards in an unusual eight-prong setting.


The pendant is 4cm in diameter, with a 5mm central Chrome Diopside and 6x3mm Rhodolite Garnet.

Chrome Diopside is otherwise known as Siberian emerald, as it is the Chromium that gives emeralds their colour.

It is also produced with other lovely gem combinations!

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