Alhambra Three Leaf Ring


Sterling Silver ring inset with marquise gemstones, uniquely flush-set into the body to avoid catching. This on-trend open ring demonstrates curved leaves, echoing forms seen in the Alhambra pendant.


The ring can be made in four different colourways, each using luxurious contrasting colours

   Blue Topaz - deep London Blue Topaz, flanked by vivid Swiss Blue accent stones

   Pink Tourmaline - middle Pink Tourmalines, outer accent stones of raspberry Rhodolite Garnet

   Mandarin Garnet - middle Mandarin Garnets, outer accent stones of raspberry Rhodolite Garnet

   Amethyst - deep purple Amethyst, flanked by lighter Amethyst accents


This luxury extravagant ring can be worn on its own, or as two or even three stacked rings encasing the whole finger with contrasting colours!


It is currently made to order, so please allow three to four weeks for delivery.


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