Modernist Geometric Leaves Earrings


Vivid blue and green earrings, designed onto elegantly curved anodised aluminium.

The design is inspired by looking up through the leaves of a tree against the blue sky. The underlying brushed aluminium glints, the curved body catching the sun from most angles. Other colour ways and designs are available in my shop.
Makes a great birthday present for your extrovert friend. Or just for yourself, just because!


The earrings are 4.6cm in length, fitted onto sterling silver ear wire droppers. Surprisingly light despite the size at only 1.5 grams, making them comfortable to wear.
The colour goes into the pores of the alumininium and is anodised to fix and hold it inside the surface. I have tested the durability of the finish to ensure that it is scratch resistant, water resistant to an overnight soak, and survives a few minutes of bleach. 

I am a small jewellery designer-maker, qualified at Birmingham School of Jewellery, and craft all pieces by hand in studio near Cambridge, England.


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