Birthstone Chart

Symbolic and individual objects that we hold close to us

Birthstones are precious and semi-precious gemstones, which are associated with the months of our births. They have been used for over two thousand years to bring luck to their wearer, but now often serve to remind us of special people and special events in our lives. People also associate them with particular personal qualities, and with ability to bring healing. Many want to combine their birthstones with that of partner or family into a unique piece, which can work very well.

The Traditional Birthstone list contains older birthstones, while the Modern Birthstone list is more twentieth century. There are many alternative versions. Birthstones can also provide a FUN, SURPRISING and UNUSUAL colour palette!


Garnet. Mozambique Garnets are deep Red. Or raspberry Rhodolite, or Mandarin,

or vivid green Tsavorite! 


Diamond can be flawless ice, racing green, vivid yellow, or even teal. Or you can opt for a fabulous light- show in Opal. Classic White, showy Black, or rare Fire Opal


Ruby Red.  Looking for an alternative? Ruby is simply the name for the red form of sapphire, they are both corundum


Tourmaline. Colours range from teal, through turquoise to sea blue, hot pink, or trendy watermelon (bi-colour pink and green).

October is also the month of Opal. Each Opal displays unique patterns of colour.


Amethyst - ranging  from deep intense purple....

to a light, fun, lilac 


Emerald. You could also consider the intense green, flawless Chrome Diopside, "Russian Emerald". Mined only in Siberia, rare, and on the expensive end of semi-precious


Olive green's geological name is olivine! The colour depends on size - from smaller yellowish ones, to larger  ones, nearly Racing Green


Citrine or Yellow Topaz . Citrine is available from Lemon Yellow, through Golden Yellow to Madeira


Aquamarine. Calming, elegant blue.


Traditionally Pearl, but why not go for "modern" Alexandrite, the colour-changing gem -  Green by day, Red by night! Or Moonstone, with a flash of blue. 


Sapphire.The rich blues are well known, but you can also choose from lemon yellow, apple green, teal, or light pink to fuchsia.


Topaz. Available in shades from light Sky Blue, through bright Swiss Blue to stormy London Blue, but also in subtle pale pink. The striking alternative is the lovely indigo Tanzanite, whose colour varies subtly depending on direction.

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